As most of you already noticed, we recently published fresh new major releases of Royal TS, Royal TSX and Royal Server. In this blog post we want to highlight all the major new features. We will also post dedicated blog posts for some of the hotter features which will be much more detailed.

New in Royal TS V4 (for Windows) and Royal TSX V3 (for macOS)

Unless stated otherwise, all new features apply to both platforms, Windows and macOS.

File Transfer Connection New File Transfer Connection Plugin

A new connection type “File Transfer” is now available which allows you to do basic (S)FTP/SCP operations. Not only can you create dedicated file transfer connections, you can also quickly create ad hoc file transfer connections based on existing terminal connections from the “Connect with Options” menu.

Read more about the new File Transfer connection in this blog post.

VMware Connection New VMware Connection Plugin

Many users are already enjoying the Hyper-V management capabilities in Royal TS/X. Now we provide a similar management connection for VMware to connect to your ESXi or vSphere environment and also launch terminal, VMware console or VNC connections.

Read more about the new VMware connection in this blog post.

Enhancements and new Document features Enhancements and new Document features

  • Custom Properties: Quite similar to Custom Fields but much more flexible and not limited to 20 fields. Create and organize custom properties for your objects and even use their values in tasks or templates through replacement tokens.
  • Favorites: Mark any of your objects as a favorite. You will see a visual indicator in the navigation tree for all your favorite objects and also be able to quickly filter the navigation tree to only show your favorite objects.
  • User Specific Settings: Enabling this setting allows you to control whether favorites and/or the navigation folder expansion state is stored in the document or as a user specific setting.
  • Built-In Icon Library: There was always a way to specify your own icons for each object in the navigation tree but it required you to supply your own icon file. Now we ship a set of common icons and make it even easier to personalize your navigation tree.
  • Embedded Key Files: Connection types like Terminal allow you to specify a key file for authentication. Previously, it was required to enter a path to the key file on the file system. In this release we provide a way to not only embed the key files into your document, we also take care of different formats and make it seamlessly work, regardless which key file format is required.
  • Reconnect on Startup: When starting Royal TS/X you’re now offered to reconnect to the sessions that were open when you quit Royal TS/X the last time.
  • Save after Edit (Windows only): Enabling this feature in the document properties will automatically invoke a document save/merge whenever the properties dialog changed or created an object. This, combined with the automatic backup feature, will ensure that your document is always up-to-date.
  • Touch ID (macOS only): For all of you who have a brand new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, you can now configure your password protected documents to open by providing your fingerprint.
  • Bonjour Computer browser toolbar item (macOS only): This brand new toolbar item allows you to quickly initiate ad hoc connections to computers and other devices that are discovered on your local network.

LastPass Credential Vault LastPass Credential Vault

Similar to KeePass, you can now also open all your LastPass credentials in Royal TS/X and refer to them as they were Royal TS/X credentials. Many of the multi-factor authentication providers (like Google Authenticator, Duo, etc.) are supported as well.

1Password Credential Vault 1Password Credential Vault (macOS only)

If you are using 1Password on macOS, you can also open your 1Password vaults and use credentials from there within Royal TSX. We even support 1Password for Teams.

More new stuff…

To learn what else is new and improved, check out the following pages:

New Features in Royal TS (for Windows) (for Windows) New Feature in Royal TSX (for macOS) (for macOS)

New in Royal Server V2

The new version of Royal Server contains two major features as well as many smaller tweaks and improvements.

Document Store Document Store

Since V2 you can host your Royal TS/X Documents on Royal Server. This is perfect if you need to share some documents within your team and you don’t want to put them on shared folders or even mail them around. This feature is also the basis for more fine grained security when it comes to provisioning Royal Documents centrally.

VMware Connection VMware Module

As described above, our new VMware plugin provides similar virtual machine management capabilities as we have them for Hyper-V hosted VMs.

Other small enhancements

  • Extended Information for Hyper-V virtual machines (network data, performance data)
  • Improved error handling for PowerShell connections
  • Security-related new features for Secure Gateways (timeouts, IP blocks, client restrictions)
  • New Management Connection features (compression, IP blocks)
  • New and extended logging capabilities of Royal Server

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