Royal TSX 4.0

Major new features



  • Support for splitting tabs
  • Support for "Immersive" Dark Theme
  • Support for Dynamic Folder objects
  • Support for Dynamic Credential objects
  • Support for Remote Desktop Gateway objects
  • Bulk-edit support for objects of different types
  • New "VMware Clarity" icon library with support for light and dark themes
  • Direct Execution Mode support for Key Sequence Tasks
  • Support for new setting "Keep remotely disconnected tabs open"
  • Support for automatically saving documents after using the properties dialog
  • Support for reloading documents
  • Support for resizing the properties dialog
  • Option to configure the window title
  • Support for using Remote Desktop Gateway objects via "Connect with Options - Connect through Gateway"
  • Support for Secure Gateway SSH Authentication Requests (i.e. Multi-Factor-Authentication)
  • Fingerprint verification for Royal Server hosts
  • Fingerprints of Royal Servers and Secure Gateways are now displayed in their respective property pages and can be cleared from there
  • Lots of improvements to the tabbing system
  • Many small tweaks to the notification system
  • New Expand/Collapse All toolbar item
  • The autohidden navigation panel is now automatically shown when using the search field
  • The search field now allows selecting objects in the navigation panel when pressing the up/down arrow keys
  • Support for Elliptic Curve Cryptography (NSTP, Brainpool and Curve25519) when embedding private keys and for file transfer connections
  • Support for importing private key files embedded in 1Password vaults when named properly (id_rsa, id_dsa, id_ecdsa, id_ed25519, .pem or .ppk)
  • CSV import support for Secure Gateways and Remote Desktop Gateways
  • Web connections can now be used in Chrome and Firefox browser extensions
  • Support for parsing Hyper-V instance connection info in .rdp files
  • Restorable connections are now updated when connecting/disconnecting, not only when closing the application
  • Auto-start-documents are now updated when opening/closing, not only when closing the application
  • Command Tasks executed in Terminal.app won't create an extra window if Terminal.app wasn't running before starting the task
  • Support for custom icons in Royal Passwords browser extensions
  • Improved Royal Passwords browser extensions security
  • Royal Passwords browser extensions now needs to be "paired" to the application
  • Support for KeePass field references
  • Support for LastPass vaults hosted on the lastpass.eu domain
  • macOS 10.14 Mojave compatibility
  • Requires at least macOS 10.12 Sierra

Remote Desktop

RDP (based on FreeRDP)

  • Support for Metal rendering engine
  • RDP8 and RDP10 graphics pipeline support
  • H.264/AVC 4:4:4 codec support
  • Improved audio redirection support
  • Support for Remote Desktop Gateway objects
  • Support for HTTP and SOCKS proxies
  • Direct Execution Mode support for Key Sequence Tasks
  • The client hostname that is sent to remote sessions is now based on the value configured in "System Preferences - Sharing - Computer Name"
  • Support for Hyper-V instance connections via Secure Gateway
  • Improved clipboard redirection support for unicode text
  • OpenGL rendering engines now work in non-hardware-accelerated environments, like VMs


SSH/Telnet/Serial Port (based on iTerm2)

  • Support for configuring Key Mappings on a per-connection basis
  • Direct Execution Mode support for Key Sequence Tasks
  • Support for allowing terminal to set the tab title
  • Support for configuring trusted X11 forwarding mode
  • Support for enabling SSH compression
  • Updated to iTerm2 3.2.3

VNC & Apple Remote Desktop

based on Apple Screen Sharing

  • Direct Execution Mode support for Key Sequence Tasks


based on Chicken

  • Support for Scaling
  • Support for Secure Gateway
  • Support for automatic clipboard synchronization
  • Direct Execution Mode support for Key Sequence Tasks

File Transfer

  • Quick Look Support for local browser pane
  • Support for overwriting or skipping all files of a transfer
  • Support for selecting the application to open files with
  • Selection is now maintained in most cases
  • Keyboard shortcuts for "Refresh", "Delete"/"Move to Trash" and "Get Info"
  • New context menu items "Reveal in Finder" and "Quick Look"
  • New plugin setting "Keep folders on top when sorting by name"
  • Folders are not kept at top by default anymore
  • Support for specifying SFTP custom command
  • Performance improvements when listing directories with many files


  • Support for launching RDP, VNC or SSH ad hoc connections to instances
  • Support for vSphere 4.0 and higher


HTTP/HTTPS (based on WebKit)

  • New Navigation Toolbar
  • Built-in support for downloads (when using the modern engine)
  • Support for HTML file pickers and JavaScript input panels
  • Direct Execution Mode support for Key Sequence Tasks