Royal TSX 5.0

Major new features



  • Redesigned for macOS 11 Big Sur
  • Native support for Macs with Apple M1 (Apple silicon) CPUs
  • Tab preview thumbnails when hovering over tabs
  • Secure Gateways can now be configured to be used "On Demand"
  • Secure Gateways now have the ability to check the known_hosts file for fingerprints
  • New color picker
  • Support for dynamic colors (they change based on the selected UI theme)
  • The title or toolbar is now tinted with the color of the currently selected tab
  • Completely overhauled Overview (support for colors, icons, progress, full context menu, multi-select, etc.)
  • New object type: "Information"
  • Support for custom property templates
  • Support for drag and drop in custom properties
  • New custom property type: Month/Year field
  • Support for new "Target." token prefix in Dynamic Credential scripts which can be used to refer to properties of the connection that resolves the dynamic credential
  • New "JavaScript" Dynamic Folder script interpreter
  • Improved detection of modified documents which results in less notifications
  • Document modified notifications now allow you to "Reload" the document in addition to "Save & Merge"
  • The Secure Gateway feature now allows the use of multiple secure gateways in series for nested tunneling
  • Secure Gateways can now also resolve dynamic credentials
  • New search option "Show only Connected"
  • New sort criteria "Favorite"
  • Favorite indicator is now shown in the folder dashboard and credential picker
  • Credential picker shows favorite credentials first
  • 1Password master passwords can now be stored in the Keychain and optionally protected with Touch ID
  • KeePass master passwords can now be protected with Touch ID
  • All Command and Key Sequence Tasks are now available in the respective menus (Favorites are at the top level, all others are in a submenu)
  • The "Display Name" field can now be edited in bulk edit
  • New button to apply inheritance for Credentials, Tasks and Gateways on folder objects
  • New button to navigate to the configured source object for Credentials, Tasks and Gateways when configured to use from parent
  • The DOM parser that lists available fields and other elements in the web Auto Fill configuration page now differentiates between more types of elements
  • Performance improvements for rJSON parsing
  • Implemented the option "Omit Domain" in the Secure Gateway Credentials settings
  • Search field in credential picker now allows moving the selection up or down
  • Support for "Connect with Options - Connect using SSH" for file transfer connections
  • Ad hoc connection tabs are now opened next to the parent connection
  • New "Clear Filter" button in navigation panel when filters are active
  • Tabs can now be closed by pressing the middle mouse button
  • Plugins are now distributed as signed and notarized DMG packages
  • Improved CSV import support
  • Many performance and stability improvements
  • Requires at least macOS 10.14 Mojave

Remote Desktop

RDP (based on FreeRDP)

  • Updated FreeRDP to 2.3.0
  • Improved responsiveness when transferring large files via drive redirection


SSH/Telnet/Serial Port (based on iTerm2)

  • Support for importing color presets from various sources
  • Support for exporting color presets
  • Support for copying and pasting triggers to/from the clipboard
  • Predefined text highlighting regular expressions templates are available through the fly-out button in the Triggers property page
  • Support for selecting serial port upon connect if no port has been selected/saved
  • Support for allowing terminal to set the tab title
  • Support for configuring trusted X11 forwarding mode
  • Support for enabling SSH compression
  • Support for new plugin setting: "Focus session after right or middle click"

File Transfer

  • Support for creating new files
  • Support for copying path to clipboard
  • Support for specifying FTP transfer mode (Stream, Block or Mode Z)
  • Support for configuring a keep-alive interval
  • New Security configuration UI
  • SFTP/SCP connections now have the ability to check the known_hosts file for fingerprints


HTTP/HTTPS (based on WebKit)

  • New menu item "Connect with Options - Open in Web Browser"
  • When connecting, web pages begin rendering content instantly instead of waiting for the first full page load


  • Added the ability to ignore certificate errors when using HTTPS