Royal TS 5.0

Major new features



  • New user interface skin with SVG icons with high DPI support
  • New icon library: "VMware Clarity"
  • Customizable user interface colors and icons colors
  • Improved icon picker with support for multiple icon libraries
  • Instant navigation tree search
  • Support for Dynamic Folder objects
  • Support for Dynamic Credential objects
  • Support for Remote Desktop Gateway objects
  • Support for using Remote Desktop Gateway objects via "Connect with Options - Connect through Gateway"
  • Web connections can now be used in Chrome and Firefox browser extensions
  • Redesigned key sequence broadcaster with easy access to existing favorite key sequence tasks
  • Improved browser extensions security
  • Royal Passwords browser extensions now needs to be "paired" to the application
  • Improved auto start document loading performance
  • Fingerprint verification for Royal Server hosts
  • Support for KeePass field references
  • Support for LastPass vaults hosted on the lastpass.eu domain
  • Support for customizing the "Add" menu
  • Support for customizing the screenshot file name using general replacement tokens
  • Support for closing all disconnected tabs using the context menu
  • Support for Windows 10 toast notifications
  • Support for locking and unlocking the quick access toolbar (QAT)
  • Support for custom icons in Royal Passwords browser extension
  • Support for Secure Gateway SSH Authentication Requests (MFA)
  • Support for Elliptic Curve Cryptography (NSTP, Brainpool and Curve25519) when embedding private keys and for file transfer connections
  • New options to configure the window title
  • Favorite tasks and templates are now displayed more structured for each document
  • Support for anonymous feature usage tracking
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7 required

Remote Desktop

RDP (based on Microsoft RDP ActiveX)

  • New plugin-option to automatically reconnect for remotely disconnected sessions


VNC (Integrated)

  • Updated VNC components which do not depend on additional runtime installation files


SSH/Telnet/Serial Port (based on Rebex)

  • Support for text highlighting based on regular expressions
  • Bell (beep) can be disabled
  • Improved keyboard handling for keyboard shortcuts and keyboard scrolling
  • Improved dashboard performance


SSH/Telnet/Serial Port/Raw/Rlogin (based on PuTTY)

  • Improved dashboard performance

Web Page

HTTP/HTTPS (based on Google Chrome)

  • Updated the chromium engine to the latest version
  • Support for Search in Page has been added
  • A new download manager user interface
  • Once a download has been finished, it can be double-clicked in the download manager to open it
  • Added F5 keyboard shortcut to refresh the current page
  • Support for specifying a custom user agent string
  • Proxy direct mode to bypass system proxy settings
  • A dedicated worker process executable is now used for web pages (RoyalTS_Chromium_WP.exe)
  • Added a plugin setting to disable the external workerprocess for the chromium engine

File Transfer

  • Added an "Open with..." menu item to choose a different application when opening files
  • Support for custom commands in SFTP connections
  • Support for "Apply to all" option for various operations
  • Support for drag and drop from one panel to the other to initiate file transfers
  • Support for Windows 10 toast notifications for file transfers
  • Taskbar progress indicator for file transfers

External Applications

  • The Window Picker dialog asks for re-selection when a window has been selected which does not exist anymore


  • New VMware module does not depend on vmware.vim.dll anymore. PowerCLI installation is not required