Blogging about Royal TS/X, Royal Server and Royal Passwords

Watch out OS X users, Royal TSX V0.5.5.1 is out and brings a new key feature and several improvements to the FreeRDP & iTerm Terminal Plugins!

Command Tasks

We’re proud to announce that, with Version, Royal...

Watch out OS X users, Royal TSX Version is out!

Main Application

This release mainly contains fixes for bugs that caused crashes for some users.
Please read more about what’s changed in the release notes...

Watch out OS X users, Royal TSX Version is out and brings an exciting new feature: Support for installing multiple plugins for the same connection type.

Why is this important?

Because it means that we can p...

Using Royal TS (for Windows)

There are basically two ways to get your mRemote connections into Royal TS:

  • Use the Open command
  • Use the Import mRemote file command

Using the Open Command

When you use File...

Today, I’m very exited to announce the public beta availability of Royal TSX, a remote connections management tool for OS X.


Royal TSX is the perfect tool for server admins, system engineers, developers and IT focuse...

Prepare for some big announcements! The past weeks and months were very busy and we are happy to share some exciting news with you.

New Partnership and Lemon Mojo joined forces to provide the best remot...