Some big announcements

Prepare for some big announcements! The past weeks and months were very busy and we are happy to share some exciting news with you.

New Partnership and Lemon Mojo joined forces to provide the best remote management experience in the industry.


About, a privately held company based near Vienna/Austria, owned and lead by Stefan Koell who is best known for Royal TS – one of the best remote management tools for windows supporting Remote Desktop, SSH and more. Stefan Koell is a Microsoft MVP for System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management providing consulting services and software through his company Royal TS has been around for over 10 years now and we thought it was time to take it to the next level. While the Windows version of Royal TS will be enhanced further over the next months, we will also focus development for other platforms: starting with OS X and soon iOS (iPad and iPhone).

About Lemon Mojo

Lemon Mojo, also a privately held company based in Vienna/Austria, owned and lead by Felix Deimel who is very well known in the industry. Felix is an accomplished software developer and best known for his open source project mRemote, which was created to solve the very same problem of every systems engineer: remote management. Since the original mRemote project isn’t actively developed anymore, Lemon Mojo focused to deliver the same remote management experience on OS X. We are proud to announce the public beta of Royal TSX, which is a remote management tool for OS X, compatible with your existing Royal TS documents for Windows.

New Web Presence

A New Home for Royal TS

As of now, you can reach our Royal TS web site using the following URLs:


The web site is still available in case you are looking for Log Smith, the easy to use log analysis tool for Windows Event Logs and System Center Operations Manager events.

Fresh Design

We are also proud to present you a fresh and new web site design. The Royal TS web site is now the new home for all upcoming Royal TS incarnations. Prepare for more!

One of the biggest improvements, besides the design and the new platforms, can be seen on the Buy pages. Customers can now directly select their currency on our Buy pages.

New Blog

We’re now providing a single, dedicated blog for all Royal TS updates. So if you want to get news, updates and additional information about Royal TS on all platforms insert this link in your favorite RSS reader (or have a look at our footer which provides access to all social networks and the RSS feed).

The blog previously used on (rss feed) is still available and will include most of the Royal TS announcements and in addition, all sorts of System Center related stuff.

Social Networks

Because of the multi-platform shift and the new partnership, we decided to create one central place for Royal TS in each of the popular social networks.


To access our support forum, click on Support (at the top of the page). On the forum page you can register an account which is required to post in our forum. Users who already registered an account on do not need to register a new one. All existing accounts are still working.

There were also minor changes to the structure of the forum. Additional forums for Royal TSX were created, the Royal TS 1.x Bug and General Discussion forum was removed. The Royal TS 1.x Toolbox forum and the Royal TS V2 Beta Discussion forum was moved to the Royal TS category. These changes were necessary to reflect a similar structure on all available platforms but we think it’s now even easier to navigate.

New Platforms


As mentioned earlier, we’re thrilled to announce Royal TS for multiple platforms. As of now, you can download and test Royal TSX and start using your existing .rtsx files. Of course you can create new files as well. If you are used to Royal TS, you will find Royal TSX easy to use and quite similar in many cases.


For a more detailed look read this blog post or visit

iPad & iPhone

We are also working on an iOS version of Royal TS called Royal TSi.
Stay tuned, we are trying to get this out to you as soon as possible.

We hope you will enjoy using Royal TS as much as we do creating it!

Have fun, Stefan, Felix, Michael, Thomas – the “Royal” family

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