File Transfer Connections File Transfer Connections

A feature that has been requested time and again is to be able to browse and transfer files on (S)FTP and SCP enabled devices. In the latest major releases we finally added support for this to the arsenal of Royal TS/X weapons.

Here’s a complete list of supported protocols of the new File Transfer connection type:

  • FTP
  • FTP with Implicit SSL
  • FTP with Explicit TLS/SSL
  • SFTP
  • SCP

In addition to plain old username/password authentication we also support key file based authentication (SFTP and SCP), certificate and fingerprint validation and multi-factor authentication.

Naturally, tightly integrated Secure Gateway (SSH Tunneling) support is included as well as Passive Mode, support for showing hidden files, resolving symlinks and large buffers for file transfers.

For the actual file transfer sessions we adopted the popular dual pane browser UI, breadcrumb controls for easily navigating between directories and a status bar that displays the current running action and allows you to cancel it at any time.

File Transfer Connection

And because we want you to get started quickly you can simply use your existing SSH connections to create ad hoc file transfer connections (Connect with Options – Connect using SFTP/SCP).

While our file transfer connection might not yet be ready to completely replace dedicated file transfer applications, we’re constantly improving it and have lots of additional features in the pipeline. If you would like to suggest a specific feature or just have general feedback, feel free to get in touch with us via our support portal.

VMware Connections VMware Connections

Many users are already enjoying the Hyper-V management capabilities in Royal TS/X. Now we provide a similar management connection for VMware to connect to your ESXi and vSphere environments.

VMware Connection

Here is a list of features our VMware integration offers:

  • Detailed Information about the VM is provided (Provisioned and Used Space, Used Memory, CPU data, Uptime, all IP addresses, datastore paths, etc.)
  • You can Power On, Power Off, Suspend, Shutdown, Restart and Reset VMs
  • You can quickly connect to VMs via Console or VNC and to the Host via SSH
  • Shutdown Guest and Restart Guest are supported (if VMware tools are installed in the Guest VM)
  • On Windows, the integration is based on PowerCLI and works from 5.5. r2 up to 6.5 installations
  • No additional software is required on macOS

The VMware management module is available for Royal TS/X directly (no Royal Server needed) and for Royal Server.

There are tons of additional features when it comes to VMware integration and we are interested to hear your opinions. Please contact us via our support portal if you want to see additional functionality integrated in Royal TS/X and Royal Server.

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