The past weeks have been crazy! As you may already know, we recently released new major versions of our core products, Royal TS for Windows, Royal TSX for OS X and a brand new product: Royal Server. The user feedback was overwhelming to say the least! As our users, we’re very happy with these new releases and want to reflect a bit on what we have done and what’s coming up.

Royal Server V1

We are not exaggerating when we claim that we reinvented remote management! With Royal Server you can manage your Windows Environment directly from your Mac using Royal TSX. Think of Royal Server as your secure gateway to your Windows environment to easily manage Windows Services, Processes, Terminal Service Sessions, Hyper-V instances and even examine and analyze Windows Event Log entries. Royal TS (for Windows), Royal TSX (for OS X) and soon our mobile clients can all access these management tasks through Royal Server. A unique true cross-platform management solution!

Click here for more information about Royal Server.

Royal TSX V2 (for OS X)

Our native Royal TS implementation on OS X got even better now. The V2 release now includes dashboards like the folder dashboard to easily manage hundreds or thousands of objects using the bulk-edit feature. Full Royal Server support as mentioned above to natively allow management of Windows Services, Hyper-V instances, Terminal Service Sessions and even view the Windows Event Log without even RDP’ing to your machines. Another killer feature in Royal TSX is the new Apple Remote Desktop based VNC plugin which provides embedded ARD/Screen Sharing connections. We are the first in the industry with this kind of integration!

Click here to see all major new features of Royal TSX 2.0.

Royal TS V3 (for Windows)

Royal TS for Windows has been around for more than 10 years now and we are still packing tons of new features into each release. V3 now features a new plugin for Web Page connections based on Chrome. We’ve updated the look and feel, improved usability and added many new connection types to manage Hyper-V Instances, Terminal Service Sessions, Windows Services, Processes and analyze Windows Event Log entries – all with full Royal Server support! On top of that, we now ship a rich PowerShell module to create or update Royal TS documents.

Click here to see all major new features in Royal TS 3.0.

Mobile Apps

We have updated our current releases for iOS and Android to handle the all new and much more efficient document file format (.rtsz). Royal Server support for our mobile clients will soon be available. Stay tuned…

What’s next?

We are already working on new features on all of our products. You can expect much more modules in Royal Server and many new connection types for Royal TS/X. To help us prioritize all the features on our roadmap, make sure to visit our support portal and vote for your favorite feature or submit an idea.

We’re looking forward to hear from you soon!

The Royal Apps Team

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