Royal TS 7.0

Royal TS 7.0

Public beta now available

Royal TS 7.0 will be the next major release and is now available as public beta.
For information about the major new features in this release, please see the dedicated section below.

Because Royal TS 7.0 will be a major upgrade it will require a new license key once the stable release is out. Customers with active software maintenance receive a free upgrade key. During the beta phase you can continue using your Royal TS V6 key.

To prevent potential data loss, please always backup your documents and your %appdata%\code4ward folder before installing beta releases!


Major new features

More features will be added during the beta-phase



  • Native ARM64 support
  • Windows 11 Look and Feel
  • Light and Dark Mode support
  • Secure Gateway Cipher Configuration
  • Ability to disable individual plugins
  • Support for searching in the properties dialog
  • New Dynamic Folder export format (XML)
  • Custom icons support in KeePass files
  • Key sequence task configured with ? character as credential name will prompt for the credential
  • A new keysequence token $Clipboard$ to get the current clipboard content
  • Many performance and stability improvements

Remote Desktop

RDP (based on FreeRDP)

  • FreeRDP based plugin


SSH/Telnet/Serial Port/Raw/Rlogin (based on PuTTY)

  • Direct Mode support in Key Sequence Tasks


HTTP/HTTPS (based on Google Chrome)

  • Custom engine identifier to share cache and session across multiple connections

External Applications

  • Limited* support for Direct Mode in Key Sequence Tasks


  • Automatically connect to a specific virtual machine instance

* Direct Mode support depends on the embedded application.