Royal TSX 5.0

Royal TSX 5.0

Public beta now available

Royal TSX 5.0 will be the next major release and is now available as public beta.
For information about the major new features in this release, please see the dedicated section below.

Because Royal TSX 5.0 will be a major upgrade it will require a new license key once the stable release is out. Customers with active software maintenance receive a free upgrade key. During the beta phase you can continue using your Royal TSX V4 key.

Please note that Royal TSX 5.0 requires at least macOS 10.14 Mojave!

To prevent potential data loss, please always backup your documents, preferences and settings before installing beta releases!


Major new features

More features will be added during the beta-phase



  • Redesigned for macOS 11 Big Sur
  • Native support for Macs with Apple M1 (Apple silicon) CPUs
  • Tab preview thumbnails when hovering over tabs
  • Secure Gateways can now be configured to be used "On Demand"
  • Secure Gateways now have the ability to check the known_hosts file for fingerprints
  • New color picker
  • Support for dynamic colors (they change based on the selected UI theme)
  • The title or toolbar is now tinted with the color of the currently selected tab
  • Completely overhauled Overview (support for colors, icons, progress, full context menu, multi-select, etc.)
  • New object type: "Information"
  • Support for custom property templates
  • Support for drag and drop in custom properties
  • New custom property type: Month/Year field
  • Support for new "Target." token prefix in Dynamic Credential scripts which can be used to refer to properties of the connection that resolves the dynamic credential
  • Improved detection of modified documents which results in less notifications
  • Document modified notifications now allow you to "Reload" the document in addition to "Save & Merge"
  • New search option "Show only Connected"
  • New sort criteria "Favorite"
  • 1Password master passwords can now be stored in the Keychain and optionally protected with Touch ID
  • KeePass master passwords can now be protected with Touch ID
  • All Command and Key Sequence Tasks are now available in the respective menus (Favorites are at the top level, all others are in a submenu)
  • The "Display Name" field can now be edited in bulk edit
  • The DOM parser that lists available fields and other elements in the web Auto Fill configuration page now differentiates between more types of elements
  • Implemented the option "Omit Domain" in the Secure Gateway Credentials settings
  • Search field in credential picker now allows moving the selection up or down
  • Support for "Connect with Options - Connect using SSH" for file transfer connections
  • Ad hoc connection tabs are now opened next to the parent connection
  • Tabs can now be closed by pressing the middle mouse button
  • Plugins are now distributed as signed and notarized DMG packages
  • Improved CSV import support
  • Many performance and stability improvements
  • Requires at least macOS 10.14 Mojave

Remote Desktop

RDP (based on FreeRDP)

  • Updated FreeRDP to 2.3.0
  • Improved responsiveness when transferring large files via drive redirection


SSH/Telnet/Serial Port (based on iTerm2)

  • Support for importing color presets from various sources
  • Support for exporting color presets
  • Support for selecting serial port upon connect if no port has been selected/saved
  • Support for allowing terminal to set the tab title
  • Support for configuring trusted X11 forwarding mode
  • Support for enabling SSH compression

File Transfer

  • Support for creating new files
  • Support for copying path to clipboard
  • Support for specifying FTP transfer mode (Stream, Block or Mode Z)
  • Support for configuring a keep-alive interval
  • New Security configuration UI
  • SFTP/SCP connections now have the ability to check the known_hosts file for fingerprints


HTTP/HTTPS (based on WebKit)

  • When connecting, web pages begin rendering content instantly instead of waiting for the first full page load


  • Added the ability to ignore certificate errors when using HTTPS