Many users asked about it: when will Royal TS adapt to the Windows 11 design language?

Short answer: in Royal TS V7!

Longer answer: we worked hard to adapt the user interface to the Windows 11 design language while at the same time providing plenty of ways to customize and personalize the UI appearance. Windows 11 introduced a more "airy" appearance with increased space between elements. There are also rounded corner panels for the ribbon interface and the main window content. For larger screens with a high enough resolution this works well but on smaller screens, especially on laptops, it's quite wasteful to spend that much screen real estate.

The good news upfront: by default, we stick with the more denser layout you are already used to but you have many options to tweak the UI appearance to your liking.

The bad news: color customizations from previous versions of Royal TS are not migrated or converted. The skin and color palette we use in Royal TS V7 is vastly different from what we used before which makes an automatic conversion not feasible.


On the View ribbon tab, you will find an Appearance button (previously known as Color Scheme button). The Appearance configuration page lets you choose between 4 different Color Scheme Modes:

  • Default Colors
  • Light Colors
  • Dark Colors
  • Follow Windows Color Scheme

Default Colors

This is the default color scheme when you install or upgrade to Royal TS V7. Note that by default, the Compact User Interface option is Enabled, and the Rounded Corners are disabled. We also have a pre-defined Accent Base Color. The color scheme itself is very similar to the colors we use in Royal TS V6.

Light Colors and Dark Colors

Selecting this color scheme mode will show Royal TS in the light color scheme or in dark color scheme. The Compact User Interface, Rounded Corners and Accent Color Configuration is set to Automatic by default.

Follow Windows Color Scheme

Selecting this color scheme mode shows you both, the Light Colors and the Dark Colors configuration. You can set up each individually. Royal TS will switch to light or dark colors depending on what you've configured in Windows.

General Settings

Compact User Interface

You can enable or disable the compact user interface setting. Selecting Automatic enables the setting for Windows 10 or earlier and disables it for Windows 11.

Rounded Corners

You can enable or disable rounded corners. Selecting Automatic will disable the setting for Windows 10 or earlier and enables it for Windows 11. Note that this does not affect the Windows rounded corners as they are handled by the system and are always dependent on the Windows version.

Accent Color Configuration

This setting affects the Primary Background and Foreground Colors. When set to Automatic, Royal TS will try to follow the Windows OS accent color configuration. You can also Specify a Base Color and let Royal TS figure out the other colors based on this color. Selecting Custom allows you to set each of the Primary Background and Foreground Colors individually.

Sneak Peek

Below you see a demonstration of the options above. Click here for a full size preview.

More Features


When you tweak the colors and user interface settings, you can click on the Preview button at any time to see how it will look like.

The Preview button is a split button which also has additional options when you click the drop down arrow.

Copy Link

Generates a link with all the appearance settings and copies it to the clipboard. This way you can quickly and easily share your appearance settings with other users.

Share on Twitter

Shares the link to the current appearance settings on Twitter.


Resets the settings to the default values and lets you start over.

Clipboard Monitor

The Appearance page will automatically recognize customization links in the clipboard and offers you to apply them.

Availability / Download

As of this writing, Royal TS V7 is still in beta and can be downloaded here.
Should you have questions or issues, let us know and open a support ticket.
Also, tweet us a Royal TS V7 screenshot with your color scheme and appearance configuration.

Feedback is always welcome!

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