Today we're happy to announce that Royal TSX (for macOS) gained a new superpower: Support for copying and pasting files using RDP!

The FreeRDP Remote Desktop plugin always supported transferring files between your Mac and the remote server (and vice versa) using drive redirection. Meaning you could select the local directories you wanted to expose to the remote server and then drag & drop or copy & paste using the redirected drive in Windows Explorer from within the remote session.

Many users found this method cumbersome, to say the least (and I can't blame them). Especially since Microsoft's Remote Desktop client for macOS gained support for copying and pasting files through clipboard redirection quite some time ago. Royal TSX was stuck in the past though.

Not any longer!

Starting with Royal TSX 5.1 and the matching FreeRDP plugin (Version 5.1), you can now simply copy a file to the clipboard in a Finder window on your Mac and paste it using Windows Explorer in the remote session. Of course, the other direction also works: Just copy a file to the clipboard using Windows Explorer, switch to a Finder window on your Mac and go to "Edit - Paste". The same of course also works with multiple files or folders.


We hope you enjoy this new feature as much as we enjoyed making it finally happen!

As always, any feedback is welcome!

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