Sunsetting Royal Tickets

Dear Royal Tickets Users,

on April 9, 2019 we learned from one of our users that the app stopped working properly. The user stated that 24 hours after logging in and authorizing Royal Tickets to access his UserVoice account he was required to log in and go through the whole authorization process again to regain access to his tickets through the app. We verified this and experienced the very same behavior a day later with one of our test accounts.

Of course, we immediately contacted UserVoice for clarification. They confirmed that changes on their end were made that affect consumers of the UserVoice API. Royal Tickets is using this interface to provide its functionality. The changes effectively make it necessary that users re-login and re-authorize Royal Tickets to access their UserVoice data every single day. This, obviously, is unacceptable and doesn’t resemble the user experience we envisioned and were able to provide since the day Royal Tickets launched until the API changes were put in place by UserVoice.

We tried to convince UserVoice that it’s important to have an admin/agent app for iOS and to make an exception to the 24 hour rule for Royal Tickets. We even offered to transfer ownership of the app to them. Unfortunately, they’re not interested in any of those options. This left us with no choice but to remove Royal Tickets from the App Store.

We’re committed to providing a pleasant user experience across all of our apps. UserVoice essentially made it impossible for us to provide that experience to our customers. We think it’s a bad decision by UserVoice and should they ever reconsider we’re open for discussions about the future of UserVoice on mobile devices.

We hereby apologize to all our Royal Tickets customers for the inconvenience caused. We really hope that UserVoice reconsiders their options and starts developing a mobile strategy for their platform.

Thx for your understanding, The Royal Apps Team

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