Today we’re glad to announce that another feature packed release of Royal TSX (for macOS) is available now! Version 3.2 contains lots of cool new features, various improvements across the board, many bugfixes and even a new object type that’ll help you stay organized.

So lets dive right into what’s new:

To-Do Support for To-Do items

Since we’re already making your life easier by providing you with the tools to manage all your remote connections, we thought it would only be logical to also help you manage your day to day tasks. So starting with this release, you’ll be able to create To-Do items right in Royal TSX, add a title and description for them and when the time has come, mark them as completed.

To-Do items

Full Screen improvements Full Screen improvements

We’ve long supported taking Royal TSX full screen, but full screen mode for individual connections has always been an RDP-only feature. Not anymore! With this release we’re allowing all connection types to be configured to launch straight into full screen mode. To configure a connection to launch in full screen mode, open the “Window Mode” properties of the connection and select “Open connection in – Full Screen”. If you’re a multi-screen user, you can of course also select the display you want to use for the full screen connection.

We’ve also added the much requested setting to remove the tab bar in external windows. You can find this under “Preferences – User Interface – Connection Tabs – Show Tab Bar in External Windows”.

Full Screen improvements

Copy to Clipboard improvements Copy to Clipboard improvements

The “Copy to Clipboard” menu is a useful tool when automatic logon is not supported on a certain device or you need to copy some data, like a username to another application. In this release we’ve extended the “Copy to Clipboard” menu to allow peeking at the underlying values without having to copy them to the clipboard. To activate this mode, simply hold down the ⌥ (option/alt) key while the menu is open. This is especially useful if you’re using custom properties to store things like credit card information. Websites often don’t allow directly pasting the expiration date into a field so just peeking at the credit card’s data in Royal TSX instead of having to copy it to the clipboard, pasting it in some temporary area then filling it in on the website is a lot easier.

In this release we also added two new toolbar buttons for your convenience: “Copy Username” and “Copy Password”. Those two obviously come in handy if you need to copy login data between applications often.

Copy to Clipboard peeking

File Transfer Connections File Transfer Connections

File Transfer connections also received several noteworthy updates in this release. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Drag & drop is now supported between the two built-in browser panes as well as to and from Finder.
  • Live Edit automatically uploads files when the file is changed locally (double-click a remote file to start editing it).
  • We’ve added support for viewing and changing permissions (Option-click and select “Get Info…”).
  • It’s now possible to select a different credential when running into authentication errors while connecting to a server.

File Transfer Permissions

Other improvements

Other notable new features and improvements include:

  • Pressing ⌘+Return in the Ad Hoc Computer Name field will now establish an ad hoc connection using the last used protocol.
  • You can now create copies of objects with drag & drop (hold ⌥ option/alt while dragging).
  • We’ve added a keyboard shortcut for the “Documents” toolbar item (⇧⌘D) and also made sure that the search field is automatically selected when the menu is opened.
  • Import of mRemoteNG 1.75 documents is now supported (without passwords).
  • We re-enabled logging to (Sierra broke this, but the 10.12.4 update brought it back to live).
  • We added support for Date and Time replacement tokens in Key Sequence Tasks and Command Tasks.
  • You can now configure the browser extension authentication timeout.
  • We’ve finally added support for remapping modifier keys in Remote Desktop (RDP) connections. This has been requested time and again and is especially useful if you’re using a non-Apple keyboard.
  • A lot of work went into improving the stability of the RDP clipboard redirection feature. This should be rock solid now.
  • Secure Gateways can now be assigned to web connections. Note that this won’t work in 100% of cases. For instance if a website includes absolute or external links we won’t be able to tunnel them through the gateway. However, in most cases this should be sufficient.

Of course, this is just a quick peek at some of the highlights in this release. More detailed information and the full changeset (including bugfixes) is available in the release notes when updating the application and plugins.

For any feedback about Royal TSX 3.2 or our other releases, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our support portal.

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