Here are some highlights of what changed and what was fixed since out last blog post:

Connect with Options

Since release 11107 we restored the ability to “override” some more settings when you use connect with options. You can now select on which screen the external or full screen window will appear when you connect with options (screen selection is ignored in embedded mode). As you may know from the previous versions, the check states can be cleared by clicking on a checked again:

Suppress Web Browser Dialogs

A web page connection can now be configured to suppress all web browser dialogs (like JavaScript errors, ActiveX installation prompts, etc.). You can find the option in the Advanced property page of the web page connection properties:

Getting Started Page

When Royal TS is started for the first time, a “Getting Started” page will help you with your first steps:

Other Tweaks and Fixes

  • The Wizard dialog now has keyboard accelerators to for Back, Next, OK and Cancel which makes navigating the wizard using the keyboard only much more easier
  • Fixed some sort order issues
  • Quick search was fixed and improved (Ctrl-F brings you to the search boxes)
  • Bulk-edit issues were fixed
  • .rts File import password issues were fixed
  • and many other minor things

cheers, Stefan

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