Last weekend we had the pleasure to talk about Royal TS at the great E2EVC event in Rome/Italy. We had a great time, met nice people and were engaged in interesting discussions. I think it’s time to recap our experience of the event.

What is E2EVC?

E2EVC is Experts to Experts Virtualization Conference (formerly PubForum). It’s all about virtualization and a true community event. Traditionally, this event takes place twice a year in Europe, almost every time in a different city and always on a weekend (to ensure there is no excuse like “I’m too busy for that”!).

The event is limited to 140 attendees. So this is kind of a small group. Everbody knows everybody. There are of course fresh faces showing up but it has this family like feeling – almost feels like going to a reunion. This time, E2EVC had attendees from 18 countries including 18 MS MVPs, 15 CTPs and 6 vExperts.

For more information about the E2EVC, visit their web site:


Royal TS

This was my 4th E2EVC conference. Last time, in Copenhagen, we got a last minute speaker slot to introduce Royal TS to the audience. The feedback and interest was huge and we barely scratched the surface. I was so overwhelmed that I asked Alex (the original inventor of PubForum/E2EVC) for another session in Rome and also offered to be a sponsor of the event.

My good friend Michael Seirer and I delivered a session about “Advanced scenarios with Royal TS”. Michael posted a nice summary of his experience here. In a nutshell, we talked about bulk-edit and bulk-add, the power of templates, integrating external applications and some top secret, never seen before Royal TS V3 / Royal TSX V2 features. A video of our session will be posted on the ThePubForum YouTube channel in a couple of months.

What’s next?

We had a blast in Rome and I’m really happy we could make it. The E2EVC conferences in 2014 are:

  • May 30th – June 1st in Brussels, Belgium
  • October 31th – November 2nd in Barcelona, Spain

For the first time, there will also be an E2EVC in the US next year: May 9th in Los Angeles, CA

We are currently trying to figure out if we can attend one of the next (hopefully all) events, so stay tuned and maybe we can meet there in person.

Cheers, Stefan

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