In a couple of weeks (November 1-3) we will be presenting Royal TS, Royal TSX and maybe some brand new exciting stuff at the E2EVC (Experts 2 Experts Virtualization Conference) in Rome, Italy.

E2EVC (also known as PubForum) is an awesome community event which takes place twice a year in Europe – each time in a different city. This is their 20th event and they are doing this now for 10 years! It’s all about virtualization (Desktop/VDI, Server, etc.). Experts, nerds and geeks from all over Europe, 15 Citrix CTP’s, 6 vExperts and 18 MS MVPs (yours truly included!) are attending, most of them even presenting.

We’ve been to E2EVC a couple of times now and we always had a great time there. Last time (in Copenhagen) we presented Royal TS for the first time ever at a conference. This time in Rome, we’re not only sponsoring the event, we’re also presenting again. As far as I know, there are still some seats left. So if you are interested in virtualization, Royal TS and if you want to meet us in person, get a ticket and come to Rome. This event is on a weekend, so there are no excuses like “I’m too busy” 😉

Our presentation will be on Sunday at 9:15 and it will be all about Royal TS/X, no slides or death by PowerPoint, just pure awesomeness.

The complete Agenda can be found here:

Hope to see you there!

cheers, Stefan and Michael

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