Royal TS 2.0.3 brings a couple of new things and of course bug fixes.

Remote Desktop Dashboard Changes

I should mention one bigger change in 2.0.3 upfront: Royal TS deals with credentials in the dashboard now differently!
Read the following blog post for more information:

Disable Reveal Password

In 2.0.3 you can now also set a registry value to disable the “reveal password” functionality in object dialogs (like credential or connection). We’re also including an ADMX/ADML file to help you deploy this using GPO:

You can set this policy on both, the user level or the machine level (which also overrules the user level setting). The ADMX/ADML files can be found in the Royal TS install directory under Policies.

More Enhancements

In addition of the above, we’ve implemented two smaller enhancements in 2.0.3:

  1. Hold the SHIFT key while you perform a Connect action to open the tab(s) in the background
  2. External connection windows now also show the description field (if available) in the window title (pretty much like the main window does)

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