We’re happy to announce a major milestone in the history of remote management tools. After almost a year of Royal TSX beta testing and more than 6 months of Royal TS 2.2 development, we are finally ready to release Royal TS (for Windows) Version 2.2 and Royal TSX (for OS X) Version 1.0.

Cross Platform

For the first time in the industry, effortlessly manage your remote connections on Windows and OS X. Documents created with Royal TS/X (aka Royal TS for Windows and Royal TSX for OS X) can be used on Windows and OS X. Even team sharing features to use and synchronize documents across platforms are available. In addition you can also use Royal TSi to open and access your documents on iOS devices.

Connection Plugins

Royal TS/X can handle a variety of different connection types:

  • Remote Desktop (RDP)
  • VNC
  • Terminals (SSH, Telnet, etc.)
  • Web Pages
  • External Applications (Windows only)
  • Performance View (Windows only)

To explore all available plugins for Royal TS (for Windows), click here. You can find all available plugins for Royal TSX (for OS X) here.

Browser Extensions

Credential management in Royal TS/X has now become even better! You can now access your credentials from Chrome and Firefox with our brand new Royal Passwords browser extensions. More information and downloads are available from our dedicated Royal Passwords page.

Bundle Offering

Upon popular request we’re proud to announce that starting today bundle licenses for Royal TS/X are available with a 25% discount compared to individually purchased licenses. Head to the Buy page to find out more.

Royal TS/X Features

Both, the Windows and the OS X release are packed with lots of new features. As mentioned in the title of this blog post, this is a major release and it’s no understatement!

Royal TSX is THE utility for system engineers on OS X. No other software on OS X provides an easy to use UI, a rich feature set and many different connection types in one single package. Features like the document list, credential management, a tabbed interface, team sharing features and task automation are the foundation which we build upon. Digging a bit deeper, you’ll also find AppleScript access, KeePass document support and our Royal Passwords browser extensions to be indispensable features. For a more detailed look at the feature set, please visit our Features page.

Royal TS (for Windows) has come a long way since its early days as one of the first Multi-Remote Desktop client and evolved to a very powerful and versatile tool. This release features lots of enhancements like KeePass document support, Windows 8/Server 2012 RDP 8 support, alternative Terminal support based on PuTTY, Royal Passwords browser extensions, as well as new connection types like VNC, External Applications and Performance view – just to name a few. A complete list of fixes, enhancements and new features can be found here.

During beta testing, we also released a number of blog posts about many of the new features.

The unique client functionality on both platforms as well as the compatibility of documents is reason enough to party, but we’re not done yet! Stay tuned for more exciting news and upcoming products…

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