In version 2.5 we have finally added an integrated terminal client into our mobile apps. Before that, we used third-party apps for SSH connections, but these are extremely limited on mobile operating systems.

When starting the new version for the first time, it will ask whether to switch to the integrated terminal, but of course, you can also change this setting any time under Settings / Terminal.

The most important features are invisible. When you connect to an SSH host, you’ll be connected and logged on automatically. Most third-party apps did not accept a password in the connection parameters and therefore we could only copy it to the clipboard and you had to paste it manually. This is no longer necessary.

Most SSH servers also use private keys for authentication. This is another feature that was not available in any third-party app. When connecting using the new integrated terminal client we can use the keys that are stored in the Royal TS/X document.

Another important feature of the new integrated terminal client is secure gateway support. This way you can finally connect to machines in your company network which are not directly accessible from the internet.

You can also connect a bluetooth keyboard and mouse to make typing easier.

The most important touch gestures are:

  • double tap to select a word
  • triple tap to select the whole row
  • press and hold to get a context menu where you can copy the selected text or paste it.


To increase the usability, above the soft keyboard, there is a row of the most common keys of a terminal which are not so easily available in a mobile keyboard.

At the far right of that row, you can find the terminal settings and any Key Sequence Tasks stored in your document(s).

In the settings, you can adjust the font, font size, color theme, amongst other things.


If you have any problems with the terminal or the app in general, please use Settings / Contact Support to open a ticket.

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