Hello early adpoters!


We just released a new build (V2.1) which fixes the OS X 10.11 beta 3 compatibility issues. You can get it here: https://www.royalapps.com/ts/mac/download

Unfortunately, there’s a radical change in OS X 10.11 beta 3 which prevents all mono-based applications from launching. The bug has been reported here (and here) and the mono team is already working on a fix. Since it’s not trivial to update to a new mono release, it will take several days until a new Royal TSX release is available.

Since OS X 10.11 is beta right now, we cannot offer support for it until it’s officially released. There are major changes in almost every beta release and keeping up with those is a time consuming process. Furthermore, since Royal TSX has several dependencies to other software, like the previously mentioned mono project, we depend on those 3rd parties to make sure their software components work on the latest releases. The bottom line here is, if you’re daily workflow depends on Royal TSX, please don’t use a OS X beta release. If you do however use a OS X beta release, please be aware that every update might break compatibility with software like Royal TSX.

We will update this post when new information or an updated Royal TSX build is available and we hope to have a fix available soon.

cheers, felix

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