After several months of beta testing, we’re finally ready to release Royal TSX 1.2 to the world!
This release is filled with new features and bugfixes, so we thought we dedicate a blog post to highlight the new features, improvements and enhancements.

So here comes the shiny new stuff:

Support for Connection Templates

Royal TS (for Windows) had connection templates since 2.1.0, so it was a given that at some point they would come to Royal TSX too. In short, templates are “special” connections which can be created or connected to based on other connections (even from a different connection type). You can “inject” values from the selected connection(s) into the resulting connection, basically pretty much the same as you already do with command tasks. For a more in depth look at the feature, please check out Stefan’s original blog post about connection templates in Royal TS (for Windows). The core mechanics are the same in Royal TSX, so you should be able to get going fast by following his instructions.

Fullscreen and External Windows

An often requested feature since Royal TSX’ early beta days was taking individual connections fullscreen. Well, I’m happy to report that this feature is finally available in Royal TSX 1.2 using the matching FreeRDP plugin. There’s even support for multi-monitor configurations and you can use the feature from the “Connect with Options” menu. We’ve also added support for launching connections in external windows that can be positioned on the screen of your choice, just like fullscreen connections.

Support for Remote Desktop Gateway (TSG) and Hyper-V

Another much requested feature that finally made it into Royal TSX (using the FreeRDP plugin), is Remote Desktop Gateway (TSG) support. FreeRDP supported it for a while but until recently we didn’t think it was ready for prime time. Well, now it’s here to stay! We also support connections to Hyper-V guests now. Currently you have to “know” the Instance ID you want to connect to, but we’ll have something that will drastically simplify this minor inconvenience in store for a future update. So, stay tuned!

And there’s more, a lot more, …

Besides the 3 “killer features” mentioned above we’ve also improved and tweaked the UI in several places. For instance, you can now use pinch gestures in the Overview tab to zoom in and out.

There’s support for creating ad hoc web page connections from credentials, which comes in handy if you use our Royal Passwords browser extensions and don’t want to create a separate web page connection for every credential you use in the browser, just to be able to open it in Royal TSX.

Most error messages that originate from connection sessions are now being displayed in a “tab modal” pop up. That way you always know which session that error comes from and can even continue working in other sessions and come back later to investigate what happened in the tab that generated the error.

The autohiding document list can now be positioned either on the left or right side of the main window.

We’ve also dedicated a good amount of time to making Royal TSX shine on retina displays and it’s those little details that set Royal TSX apart from it’s competition.

Speaking of competition, we now support importing from ‘Jump Desktop’ and ‘Remote Desktop Manager’.

If you’re still hungry for more, the full list of new features and bugfixes that are included in Royal TSX 1.2 is available on our downloads page.

Cheers, Felix

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