It’s update time again, OS X users!

This update brings the following new features:

  • CoRD import: By going to File | Import | CoRD Saved Servers you can now import your saved servers from CoRD into a new document.

  • RDP file import: By going to File | Import | RDP files you can now import Remote Desktop Connections from RDP files into the currently selected folder.

  • New AppleScript command ‘set property value’: This new command allows you to set any property for any connection. Here’s an example: “set property value of key “ConnectToAdministerOrConsole” of id YourConnectionID to yes”. You can find updated AppleScript samples here: [LINK]

  • New Documents Toolbar Item: A new toolbar item for accessing your documents is available now. Works just like the Dock Icon menu.

Terminal Plugin (iTerm)

The iTerm plugin now allows selecting a custom encoding in the advanced settings.
There’s also a new Connection Type called “Custom Terminal” available. This can be used to simply open a default OS X terminal session or to execute custom commands.

RDP Plugin (FreeRDP)

The FreeRDP plugin has been updated to show more detailed error messages when a connection fails.

Web Plugin (WebKit)

The WebKit plugin has been updated to allow new Windows/PopUps to be opened.


If you experience issues or want to share your thoughts, please use our Forum or contact us using the contact form.

Hope you enjoy this update!

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