We’re pleased to announce that the update of our free iOS companion app for Royal TS was approved by Apple and is ready to download/update.

One major bug fix in 1.1.0 is that Royal TSi now remembers and reopens the documents correctly which were open in case Royal TSi was shut down by iOS.

What’s new in Version 1.1.0

Remote Desktop Connections

Well, a lot! We’ve reached out to many RDP, VNC and SSH app vendors and asked for ways to integrate their apps with our app. The result can be seen in the Settings area of Royal TSi:

20121209-Settings[1] 20121209-RDPTemplates[1] 20121209-2xRDPTemplate[1]

As you can see in the screens above, we now provide connection settings for VNC and Terminal connections. In addition, we also provide two additional RDP templates: the free 2x RDP client for iOS and Remotix RDP for iOS.

As before you can duplicate a template entry and make modifications if necessary. A new button is shown when you view an existing template: App Store. This button will take you right away to the app which can handle the template syntax.

Also worth mentioning is, that we now have two mechanisms to invoke the connection via the 3rd party app. With iTap RDP (the first template we implemented) a temporary file was written and handed over to the 3rd party app. The templates 2x RDP and Remotix RDP are invoked using an URL scheme. So, if you want/need to duplicate a template to integrate another 3rd party app, make sure you chose the right template: apps which can be invoked using URLs, should get a template based on another app which is invoked using URLs.

VNC Connections

This update also includes templates for VNC connections:


Remotix VNC is invoked using an URL scheme and iTap VNC is (as iTap RDP) invoked using a temporary VNC file.

Terminal Connections

We didn’t stop with VNC! In 1.1.0 we ship two templates for vSSH (which is available for iPhone and iPad:


The first template in the screen above is based on a temporary file (pretty much the same method used for iTap RDP or iTap VNC) while the second template is based on an URL scheme (like the Remotix apps).

Note: vSSH 1.2.2 or earlier will not accept either of the above. The vendor implemented both methods in the upcoming 1.3 version – which should still be released in December. We got a beta build from the vendor to verify the template invokation. Version 1.3 will also not handle invokation with the password included but this will be implemented in a later version. In the meantime, use the properties screen in Royal TSi, tap-hold the password entry to copy the password to the clipboard. In vSSH you can paste the password by double-tapping with two fingers and hit return.

vSSH will support SSH connections as well as Telnet connections. You will find a special variable in the template called $EffectiveProtocol$ which will be replaced with “ssh” or “telnet” depending on your connection setting.


With this update, we provide even more choice for our users using RDP connections – especially with the free offering of 2x RDP. Of course, having VNC and Terminal connections on board doesn’t hurt either.

I hope you enjoy Royal TSi and if you have any feedback or want to file a bug, please visit our forums.

Stefan & Felix

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