It’s Christmas time and we’ve just release Royal TS 3.2 for Windows. This release is again packed with exciting new features. Check out the following blog posts highlighting all new major new features in Royal TS 3.2:

Complete High DPI Support

Many users have asked for better high DPI support. High DPI displays (4k or 5k screens) are getting cheaper every week and those displays are stunning. Also, with the Surface Pro 4 or other high resolution notebook displays, chances are, you are running Windows with 150% or 200% DPI setting. Well, this new release now has complete high DPI support and works great with these high DPI settings but it’s not enabled by default. Find out how to enable high DPI support and learn more about the caveats here.

Integrated TightVNC Client

Finally, no more dependency to external VNC viewer applications. Royal TS 3.2 now ships with a new, integrated VNC plugin:


Read more about the integrated VNC client here.

Key Sequence Broadcaster Panel

A real time saver! Broadcast keyboard input to multiple active connections with this new panel:


Read more about the Key Sequence Broadcaster Panel here.

Tab Groups and Layouts

Quickly create a grid layout of all your sessions. Learn about the new capabilities to arrange tabs in groups in our newest release:


Read more about Tab Groups and Layouts here.

Command and Key Sequence Task Improvements

You can now assign command tasks and key sequence tasks by name and use key sequence tasks from the parent folder:


Read more about our improvements around tasks here.

Many small but useful improvements and additions

There are many more small but useful improvements included in this release. If you’d like to learn more about those, read our release notes here.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Stefan & The Royal Apps Team

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