With our new major releases of Royal TS, Royal TSX and Royal Server around the corner we more and more get questions about licensing, software maintenance and pricing. In this blog post I want to explain in more detail how our licensing and software maintenance policy works.

License Model and Pricing

Many products and business models nowadays are based on subscription licensing. It is important to point out that our licensing is perpetual and an obtained license does not expire. There are no monthly or annual fees and no hidden costs. If you have purchased a license for Royal TS V2 a long time ago, you can still use Royal TS V2 and all minor versions (V2.1 or V2.2, etc.). The same, of course, applies to Royal TS V3 or Royal TSX V2.

Software Maintenance

Let me quickly sum up what software maintenance is and what benefits you have with an active software maintenance:

  • 12 months included Each license automatically includes at least 12 months of software maintenance (36 months for extended global licenses).

  • Access to the latest versions of Royal TS/X With active software maintenance you have access to the latest versions of Royal TS/X, including major version releases.

  • Priority email support Get help and answers to your questions faster. While we try to answer all our support requests as fast as possible, customers with active software maintenance are processed with higher priority.

Extending Software Maintenance

Before your software maintenance of your Royal TS and Royal TSX license expires, you will automatically receive an email with a 50% discount coupon code which is valid for one order and associated with your prior license key. The coupon code allows you to extend your Royal TS software maintenance of your licenses. Let me remind you that our licenses are perpetual and extending maintenance is optional! Extending your software maintenance is basically a re-purchase at a reduced price (through the coupon code). This may seem “unusual” at first and you may wonder why we chose this approach but we have some really good reasons for that and customers like you benefit the most!

Coupon Code Benefits:

  • Save money The coupon code we provide to extend software maintenance applies a 50% discount to your order. In case you do not extend your maintenance and wish to upgrade to the latest version after your maintenance expired, you will need to purchase full price licenses again.

  • Obtain additional licenses at the same reduced price Imagine you have 8 individual licenses and want to extend software maintenance for Royal TS but your team got bigger and you have now the need for 12 individual licenses. Using the coupon code, you can order 12 licenses and get 50% off on all 12 licenses. So you didn’t only extend maintenance for your existing 8 licenses, you also got 4 additional licenses at half the price. Of course, all 12 licenses will have another 12 month of software maintenance.

  • Switch license type The 50% discount can also be used to switch from one license type to another. Let’s say you have 8 individual licenses but your team got much bigger and a site license would make more sense now. No problem: use the discount coupon code to order a site license at half the price.

  • Upgrade to a bundle license Let’s say you purchased an individual license for Royal TS for Windows but now you also want to use Royal TSX for OS X. Use the discount coupon code to get 50% off on your bundle license order.

We also have excellent licensing FAQ articles available here.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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