We are getting a lot of emails from our users and from potential new users about certain features in and around Royal TS/X. While we have excellent online resources (like our Features pages for Windows and OS X, as well as the online documentation for Windows) we want to dedicate a series of blog posts about the history, the current state and supported platforms of our apps, as well as the future of Royal TS/X.

Platform Support

There are not many products which support more than one platform to manage remote connections. In fact, we are currently the only software vendor providing a solution which allows you to work with your remote connections and credentials on Windows, OS X, iOS and Android! While we have full support for many popular protocols (RDP, VNC, SSH, Telnet, etc.) on Windows and OS X, our free companion apps for iOS and Android allow you to access many of those connections through 3rd party applications.


Royal TS/X provides the richest set of features and connection types in the industry on Windows AND OS X:

  • Remote Desktop (RDP): state of the art features like Gateway support and Hyper-V management.
  • VNC: connect to any computer running a VNC server (OS X, *nix, Windows, etc.).
  • Terminal (SSH, Telnet, RS232): highly customizable terminal emulation.
  • Web Pages: integrate web based management consoles in your workflow, including automatic logon.

Most of the above can also be used in our free mobile companion apps through 3rd party apps, such as Microsoft’s Remote Desktop client.

In addition, the Windows version of Royal TS includes support for:

  • External Applications: integrate other apps into Royal TS, most of them even embedded. Also read our recent blog post on how to integrate PowerShell.
  • Performance View: providing real time performance monitoring capabilities in Royal TS. Here’s our blog post about Performance Views from February.

It’s worth noting that all supported connection types are highly integrated in Royal TS/X and can be used in our tabbed interface, as well as in external windows.

Features available on Windows AND OS X:

  • Organize your connections, tasks, credentials and templates in folders and documents.
  • Centralized credential management.
  • Encryption and password protection. Read our blog post about encryption in Royal TS/X.
  • Command Tasks to integrate command-line tools (such as a simple ping command or establishing VPN connections).
  • Key Sequence Tasks to automate keyboard input.
  • Support for Connection Templates.
  • Easily establish connections using the “Ad Hoc” feature, you can even duplicate connected sessions.
  • Flexible tabbed user interface allowing you to work with many sessions, as simple as in your web browser.
  • Dynamically switch to external windows (or full screen) and work efficiently with multiple screens.

Making Teams Work

Royal TS/X documents can be used with any of our apps on any platform, regardless of where they were created. One of our biggest achievements in Royal TS/X is the way we merge (synchronize) changes from multiple users while they modify the same document. Royal TS/X is transparently handling everything needed to keep documents in sync. You don’t even have to set up a SQL server or any other database component! Simply making the documents you want to share with your team available through a network share or a cloud storage service (Dropbox, Skydrive, etc.) is enough.

Because of this, Royal TS/X makes it extremely easy to work in a team. To find out more about the team sharing capabilities in Royal TS/X, read this blog post.

Royal TS/X is Free!

First and foremost, Royal TS/X can be used for free for an unlimited amount of time as long as you do not exceed 10 connections and 10 credentials. No license key required, no registration required, just download, install, and use. Best of all, there’s not a single feature in Royal TS/X which isn’t available in the free version (shareware mode). So, if you are working in a small IT shop or need to manage a small test environment in your basement, Royal TS/X can be used for free – for personal and commercial use!

Pricing and Licensing

We provide reasonable pricing and licensing options, in case you need more than 10 connections or 10 credentials. The licensed product allows you to open multiple documents as well.

The choice is yours, if you only need Royal TS/X on a single platform, you get it for a very low and competitive price. Even our bundle pricing (which includes Royal TS for Windows and Royal TSX for OS X) is still much more affordable than any other package in the industry. In addition, we provide volume license discounts and better deals for larger departments or companies (site and global licenses).

All licenses are perpetual and include at least 12 months of software maintenance – which gives you access to the latest versions and priority email support.

Our mobile companion apps for iOS and Android are available for free!

Royal greetings, Stefan and Felix

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