Royal Server 5.0

Major new features



  • Active Directory account management improvements
  • File based licensing to simplify deployment
  • Push notifications to Royal TS Windows Clients when document changes
  • Experimental support for SysLog logging
  • Many performance and stability improvements

Multi Factor Authentication

  • Support for MFA using YubiKey
  • Configurable caching of MFA configurations per user
  • Self service pages for TOTP
  • Interactive MFA for Secure Gateway connections (using TOTP, DUO, or YubiKey)

Management Gateway

  • Support multiple bindings for Management Endpoints

Secure Gateway

  • Support multiple bindings for Secure Gateway Endpoints

Configuration Tool

  • Complete redesign of Configuration Tool UI to simplify configuration tasks and management workflows
  • Unified Management of MFA configurations for the Royal Server Management and Secure Gateway component
  • Permissions viewer to easily analyze access and membership issues
  • New file log viewer